Portraits & Family Photography

Portrait photography is a great opportunity to capture a memory of person at their absolute best. You can decide to commission a single portrait, or a series, for a variety of special reasons – either personal or in a business context.

You may simply want to capture a particular person or group at a certain moment in time, such as in celebration of a landmark birthday for a child, parent or grandparent. Perhaps an anniversary celebration deserves to be captured for all time. You may wish to provide a portrait to act as a formal keystone in a business publication such as an annual report. Whatever your reasons, I always appreciate the importance for you of capturing the person or people and the mood or moment.

Selecting the best portrait setting

With many years experience in creating memorable portraits, I know that it often starts with a careful choice of location. Once this has been chosen then the mood and style can be set. You might wish the work to be undertaken indoors in the relaxed atmosphere of your home or the more formal setting of your business premises. Other people prefer a more natural outdoors environment, or a specific place that has special resonance for them.

The portrait creation process

Over a century ago, Nadar, acknowledged as one of the greatest portrait photographers ever, said: “The portrait I do best is of the person I know best.” This is why my work always starts with our initial consultation. This allows me to understand exactly what you want your portrait project to achieve and gives me the chance to get to know the person or group, adults or children, who will be the subjects of my work. On the day of the shoot itself, I ask you to put aside at least two hours to make sure we give full justice to the subject. This allows the individual or group to relax into the event, because I know people can become slightly nervous at the idea of having a formal portrait produced. I always make sure I work in a calm, friendly and professional way, taking the time to allow each individual to relax in front of the camera lens.

The finished article

After the shoot, I carefully process the range of photographs I have taken and then get together with you to choose how best to memorably present the finished work. I offer a wide range of stylish wall-mounted presentation options, or can produce a stunning album to display your chosen images. My specialist software package allows me to provide you with terrific previews of the finished results in the format and location you choose – allowing us to agree on your final choice.

Contacting Firefoot Photography

I’m based in Stafford but can travel right across the West Midlands and Staffordshire area to both meet with you and undertake the actual portrait work. To contact me, email me on contact@firefootphotography.co.uk or call direct on 079 7019 7390. I will look forward to having the opportunity of creating the personal or professional portrait work to meet your specific needs.