Food Photography

There are a wide range of reasons that you might require the services of a photographer with specialised skills in the production of stylish food photography. You may be creating a recipe book or cards, or wish to highlight the ingredients or process concerning a product you produce.

Equally, you might own or manage a restaurant, bistro, cafe or hotel and wish to present your menu in a stylish way, or highlight key dishes on a website or as a wall feature.

Both a photographer and a chef!

George Bernard Shaw once said: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” With a wide experience of high quality food photography added to the substantial and thoroughly enjoyable time I spent working in kitchens, latterly as a head chef, I believe I have a unique insight. This covers both a detailed understanding of the professional preparation of food and in the time-consuming process of creating unique dishes. From this knowledge, I can appreciate exactly how high quality food photography should be constructed and presented in a way that those viewing it will admire and perhaps even love.

The image creation process

You might simply require a portfolio of images of your finished dishes. Alternatively, you may be looking to highlight the detailed stage-by-stage preparation process, with an emphasis on the high standards of skill, safety and hygiene you always demand throughout your kitchen. You could want to provide a series of portraits of your key team members. It’s also possible you would like a collection of live shots inside your premises showing happy customers being served with and then enjoying their food. Whatever your specific needs, I would always recommend that I undertake the shoot on your premises. This ensures that any food used is always presented at its freshest and to best effect.

After the shoot

I carefully process all the images I collect during our shoot. Then we can spend time together as I use my specialist software to provide a detailed preview of your options for final presentation of the images – either in a single format or across the range of options that best meets your key requirements. This can include the sharpest of images for websites or publications, or creatively imagined photo-art for the walls of your premises. Once we have reached an agreement on what is needed, I’ll produce the final work for you.

Contacting Firefoot Photography

Although I’m based in Stafford itself, I’m always happy to travel to any location throughout the West Midlands to meet with you for detailed discussions and then to undertake your specific project. It’s very easy to contact me. You can take a moment to complete our enquiry form on the contact page of this website. If you prefer, you can email any specific question you have to Simplest of all, call me direct on 07970 197390 for a friendly discussion of your plans. I look forward to having the chance to create the stylish images that will best meet your specific food photography requirements.