Equestrian Photography

If you’re a horse owner or a horse lover, you’ll know that there is something truly special about the relationship between a horse and its rider. It’s a bond that can last for years and provides countless happy memories for equine enthusiasts everywhere.

With over 20 years of riding experience I know a thing or two about this bond, and it’s this unique relationship that I aim to capture so that you can enjoy the memories forever.

Capturing the power and beauty of horses

Horses have a unique power and beauty. With extensive experience and a real love of working with horses, I have the understanding and patience required to work with you both in a calm and relaxed manner. I aim to photograph your horse at their most majestic getting fantastic shots every time.

My comfortable approach helps to keep the animals relaxed and happy and ensures the resulting images convey the personality and character of the horse. Contact me via email me on contact@firefootphotography.co.uk or call direct on 079 7019 7390 to find out more about our equine photography sessions.

How it works

Following an initial consultation, each photography session lasts between one and two hours, giving me plenty of time to get to know you and your horse and to capture some great shots.

Usually my photographic sessions take place at the owners yard, however I am happy to meet up with you at a location (I often work around Cannock Chase) or at a show or event. This ensures you get the exact style and look that you want for your shoot. If you want to add a unique feel to your images you may want to take the opportunity to wear more artistic clothing, a favourite dress or suit from a special occasion.

Following the shoot I will process your images and provide you with a variety of black & white and colour images to suit the style and content of each shot. This usually takes around 3 weeks, after which I will arrange a meeting where we look through your images and you can then choose your favourite shots from the day. Whether you opt for a single piece of high quality wall art, a group of images or a complete photo album, you’ll be able to treasure the memories that we create forever.

The average amount that clients spend following an equine shoot is between £200 and £1,000 so there’s guaranteed to be a great product to suit you, no matter what your budget.

Equestrian Photograper Based in Staffordshire

Though I’m based in Staffordshire, I’m happy to travel throughout the West Midlands and beyond for great shots. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about my equine photography services.

Memories that you can treasure

This will be a great experience for both you and your horse, giving you another great memory of the bond you share.

By using the extensive experience and understanding that I’ve built up over the years, I’m able to capture your horse and the relationship between you easily and beautifully, giving you some fantastic images and great memories you can treasure forever.